Tonträger (Stereo set)

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Speakers that combine excellent sound with handmade ceramics.

The curved and lively design ensures the unique sound and is a must-have for every retro fan.


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Why the loudspeakers are called “Tonträger”(Sound carrier):
This doesn’t mean the medium for storing music. These “Tonträger” transport the sound into the room.
In German “Ton” is a homophon and has two meanings: sound and clay.
Hand-shaped ceramic meets modern High-Fidelity technology from ABACUS electronics.

In addition to the material, the production of the “Tonträger” is also special – the spherical barrel shapes are throwed by hand on the potter’s wheel. The selected clay mass and the high firing temperature ensure a scratch-resistant and hard housing material. Fully assembled, the “Tonträger”  are fired tightly at 1280 ° C with a clay glaze. The completely glazed surface forms a harmonious connection with the anodized adapter rings and the tweeters and bass-midrange drivers attached to them. That glaze will be available in different colors in the future.

A stable and hard material is essential for hi-fi speakers. The clay mixture used with its high degree of hardness, as well as the round bevels ensure an incomparable sound experience.

The load-independent amplifiers from ABACUS (made in Northern Germany) convince in this delicate ceramic combination with high speed and precision in signal processing.

In addition to soft and round basses, which are still audible even at low volume, the Wavecor drivers also impress in the midrange with clear voices and a linear sound.

The tones of the remaining octaves find their way seamlessly and precisely from the tweeters and complete the crystal-clear sound of the “Tonträger”.



• Stoneware ceramics
• fired at 1280 °C
• extremely high degree of hardness (acoustic advantage)
• round chamfers (acoustic advantage)
• approx. 5 liter, closed
• hand-potted
• each pair is unique

(H x W x D)

• approx. 40 x 22 x 20 cm (piece)


• approx. 7 kg (piece)
• Shipping weight: approx. 16 kg (stereo set)


• Technically according to the C-Box 4 of ABACUS
• 2-way active speaker
ABACUS Dolifet Amplifier
• 100% EMK-controlled
• active crossover
• Woofer: 140mm / 5.75″ cone from Wavecor
• Tweeter: 25.4mm / 1″ ring radiator with back volume
• Frequency response: 32 to 20,000 Hz linear (-6dB)
• Input: Line via RCA
• Stepless adjusters for
– Volume (input level adjustment)
– Bass EQ
• handmade housing and aluminium back panel from German production

Technical Data:

• Mains connection: 230 V AC, cold unit connection
• Power consumption, idle: 2.1 VA
• Power consumption, maximum: 30 VA
• RMS power: 25 W
• Loading capacity: 2*10,000
• Frequency response: 30-20,000 Hz (-6dB)
• Transition frequency: approx. 1500Hz, 12dB/Oct.
• Net housing volume: approx. 5 l
• Signal input level, maximum: 30 Vss
• Input impedance: approx. 10 k


• 30 days right of return


• 3-year warranty
• Lifelong helpfulness


The installation is simple and universally compatible, whether in your own recording studio, on the Dolby system, in the living room or on your laptop at home.

The chinch input (RCA) on the back, next to the power connector, ensures a simple and lossless connection.

In addition to the volume control, another adjuster controls the bass equalization to calibrate the loudspeakers.

There is an LED light between the three feet, which provides information about the operating status. Audio signal sources should only be disconnected or connected if the switch has been operated and the signal LED has gone out completely.

Each pair of speakers is handmade and unique and will be delivered approximately four weeks after order. If you have any questions, I am available at any time by email.


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